First Planets Photographed Outside our Solar System

Three big ones, about 10x the mass of Jupiter, orbiting a star ~130 light years away.

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Jacob -

You can upload images to the TDR server to host. That way, if the original host doesn't allow hotlinking or pulls the pic in the future, the pic in your post will still be there.

Look under "file attachments" on the post creation screen.

Good to know, don't want to

Good to know, don't want to get goatse'd if you can help it.

Almost a Goatse

Almost a goatse already. Just needs two hands.

Copyright issues?

I'm reluctant to use images I find because of copyright issues. What's your feeling on that? Presumably it would not apply here - the image was presumably public domain or something near to.

Are you worried you might

Are you worried you might get caught? The odds are very slim, and even then, in most cases taking the image down will do. There's no money to sue this blog for.


Are you worried you might get caught?

No, I'm worried about offending the host, the one/ones who is/are paying the monthly fees to keep this website operational.

It sounds like you're

It sounds like you're worried over the bandwith of the host here...

Been there, nothing special

The local food is inedible. Luckily there's a McDonald's in every hiveplex. I'm talking about (b). (c) is a shithole, so I'm told.

I don't trust them.

I don't trust them.

I just hope

I just hope they're not commies.

They're probably much more

They're probably much more advanced and wealthy than us, hence we are poorer than them, hence they impoverish us. Of course this means war.

Greetings Starfighter!

Greetings Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Zur and the KoDan armada.