changes without notice, not surprisingly.

I have seen a lot of screenshots of on blogs today. So I tried the google cache, which apparently updated its snapshot of on November 17th, so hitting the cache button in a google search did nothing for me.

See for yourself.

Check the agenda link on right now. I bet you may have noticed you cant get to the Agenda pages, which have generated so much internet based controversy on just about every topic covered by the President-elect's team. Apparently the statists tried to chuck this one in the memory hole, wanting to prevent further analysis and discussion.

Good thing there is a mirror, so we can keep this train rolling.

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Obama Agenda

Thanks for the information. I downloaded it before it was suppressed by the authorities. I read some of the items but several things were missing. There is nothing about mandatory portraits of the leader in each room, installation of audiovisual monitors,or the required uniforms that button in the back.


Portraits of the Leader Don't Need to be Mandatory

"There is nothing about mandatory portraits of the leader in each room"

The portraits don't need to be mandatory. People put them up out of fear. What better way to show you are NOT a problem for the leader. They also put them up out of love after suitable public funded brain washing.

Costly Images

I was going to get an MLK /Obama portrait to go with my MLK/Obama shirt but I might get sued by the King family unless I pay royalties. See this


Dont lie!

You know the real reason isn't economics or fear, it is because you are a racist!

thanks for article

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