Russia: Civil disobedience mocks statist ability to 'control'.

On the night of November 7th, the Russian anarchist revolutionary art group known as War made a mockery of state power by committing a little breaking and entering at the Russian White House.

Yasha Levin of the Exile goes on to say in his article regarding the incident:

But most importantly, young revolutionaries everywhere should live by that old adage: “If you can’t blow up something good, you shouldn’t don’t do any revolutionizing at all.”

I don't think violence or bombing is going to help any revolutionary anarchist cause at this moment in history. It would only feed the fires of nationalistic fervor and xenophobic paranoia, while also giving the state issue to take what little rights they let you have in the first place.

Non-violence sends a bigger message in my opinion, an all important message that just may help bring about the catalyst:

When the police cant defend Government House, what can they defend?

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