Kid Rock & Dale Earnhardt Jr. lend a hand recruiting cannon fodd...erm..."Citizen Soldiers"

All-American Kid "And if you arrest me you dumb cop/I'll find your daughter and I'll give her this cock" Rock, serves his country with this stirring ode to the National Guard.

Choice lyrics:
So don't tell me who's wrong and right
when liberty starts slipping away.
and if you ain't gonna fight,
get out of the way.

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I love how the Army National Guard only pays for the best talent at the peak of its popularity to record their recruiting music. For another example, check out this 3 Doors Down video "Citizen Soldiers."

I saw the latter video at a theater during the advertisements before the movie "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," a movie in which the characters' response to discovering an ancient underground golden city in South Dakota is eclipsed by their awe-struck wonder at meeting the President of the United States.

Ha ha, take that Theophanes!
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# Theophanes - 12 posts

If it's a post war you want Constant, you got it, because I AM A WARRIOR.

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3 doors way down.

I had seen the latter while waiting to watch 300. At the time it left me asking one question; how can one equate minutemen with imperial stormtroopers?

These would have been fun to add to the same,
"I was buried in an unmarked grave on an atoll in the south pacific"
"I confiscated firearms in new orleans"