Somali Report: Freedom fighters, Islamist bombin' and pirate booty.

The Somali Report: A biased, polemic report where we (pluralis majestatis) black marketeers salute the free Somali people and their struggle against international imperialism.

African Union thugs late last month reported heavy fighting for the strategic K 4 traffic circle in midtown Mogadishu. "This was the third day in a row that we were attacked at K4." Ugandan army Maj Bahoku Barigye said in an interview. They reported no casualties and also left out any numbers regarding deaths on either side. The BBC would sure have printed it, so they must not have bagged any of those nationalist or Islamist belligerents they are shooting at.

After making sure to create a correlation between the civil war and Islam, furthering the fear of the brown menace in the west's populace, the BBC continues:

Meanwhile, the peacekeepers are stuck in the middle of the belligerents with a questionable mandate and insufficient troops.

They then blather on about the disease and famine that has acutely affected that region for decades. Parroting the call of the internationalists: "Restore order and deliver food". Didn't they already try that, a bunch of times? Didn't these backwards little people force the withdrawal of the strongest military in the world by simply presenting a diffuse threat?

Echoes of Afghanistan. Gary Brecher, the War Nerd opens his Exile piece with:

Can I time these articles or what? The day after I put up my article on Ethiopia’s troubles in Somalia, 5 car bombs go off in two Somali cities targeting the Ethiopian consulate in Hargeisa, the Presidential Palace (such as it is), a UN HQ, and the Puntland Intelligence Service.

According to the BBC, the state captures a cleric and holds him, without evidence. You dont have to ask me to know that the state controlled media of the west constantly reports on islamists held for questions. Naturally, most of these would be terrorists are never charged. The threats and lies of the media having already done their job. Fear Islam folks, its the LAW.

The humorous headline reads:

Cleric held over Somali car bombs

A paragraph or two down and bam, truth:

No-one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the US has said it believes they were carried out by militants linked to al-Qaeda.

The Empire of Lies only opens its mouth to lie or devour our children.

Avast mateys! we set a c'rse round the harn!

Gary continues:

God, that’s got to be one of the scariest sights in the world, a speedboat full of Somali skeletons armed to the teeth coming aboard. These crews are mostly from hardworking South Asian places, Tamil or Bengali, and they didn’t sign on to play straight man to the Pirates of Puntland.

Once in a while you get a little more poetic justice, like when they boarded a French yacht and took the crew hostage a while back. Unfortunately, the champagne-poppers were rescued.

To the pirates and other belligerents of Somalia, I salute you!

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Pirates Exempt from NAP

Hay, those boats are private property. And borders are fictions so why are those Syrians in a huff.( See above post.)You seem to rewrite the rules for the occasion.

Thanks for reading it.

You seem to rewrite the rules for the occasion

I find it makes for a more interesting read. Besides, just because my philosophy is consistent doesn't mean my writing has to be. I had fun writing it, I hope you had fun reading it.

No doubt.It is interesting.

Interesting stuff.