Global terrorist network attacks civlians in Syria.

Bringing the world under the oppressive grip of petro-imperialists is dirty business. Directed killings and mass murder go hand in hand when the Empire of Lies spreads its tentacles deeper into Babylon.

Juan Gonzalez of DN! :

JUAN GONZALEZ: Thousands of Syrians have taken to the streets of Damascus to protest Sunday’s US military raid that killed eight people in the Syrian village of Abu Kamal, five miles from Syria’s border with Iraq. The US embassy in Damascus is shut down for the day and surrounded by heavily armed police.

On Tuesday, Syria lodged a complaint with the UN and ordered the closure of an American school and cultural center. The Assad government is demanding a formal apology from the US and has threatened to cut off cooperation on Iraqi border security. On Monday, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moualem called the attack an act of “terrorist aggression.”

WALID AL-MOUALEM: Killing civilians in international law means terrorist aggression. The Americans do it under daylight. This means it is not mistake. It is by determination, by blunt determination. For that, we consider this criminal and terrorist aggression. We put the responsibility on the American government, and they need to investigate and return back to us with the result and explanation why they did it.

The White House comment is, in essence: Be a "Good German" and stop asking questions.

DANA PERINO: Jim, what I can tell you is that I am not able to comment on reports about this reported incident, and I’m not going to—I’m not going to do so. You can come up here and try to beat it out of me, but I will not be commenting on this in any way, shape or form today. Or tomorrow—

REPORTER: What about another agency? Nobody? If it comes, it’s going to come from here, and so it’s not going to—nothing is going to come out of it?

DANA PERINO: I don’t believe anybody is commenting on this at all. April?

REPORTER: Dana, why can’t you comment? Is it a reason for national security, or is it political? I mean, why not—

DANA PERINO: To give you an answer to that would be commenting in some way on it, and I’m not going to do it. So, I—

REPORTER: But, I mean, Dana, you can’t give us anything? I mean, this is a major issue.


REPORTER: This is a major issue.

DANA PERINO: I understand the reports are serious, but it’s not something I’m going to comment on in any way.

The jingoist, bloodthirsty MSM has been avoiding this for the most part. Those not avoiding it are defending the action as being necessary to fight the War on Terror. War is peace, ignorance is strength.

I can't help but see Doctor Strangelove, attempting to prevent his arm from shooting up into a straight armed, 45 degree salute. JA WOLLE mein fuhrer!

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