Franklin D Hoover for President

One misconception about the Great Depression was that Herbert Hoover was a free market Republican Conservative. He was actually a technocratic government activist, with a disastrous track record. His predecessor Calvin Coolidge was a true conservative whose motto was “All freedom is individual.” Conservatives get a bad rap from libertarians because of modern day pseudo-conservatives. Unfortunately true conservatives today are even more peripheral than libertarians. Never fear, we are about to get some change. But what sort of change?

When Obama takes over will he be the new Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin D. Hoover Obama, President.
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I think Obama is going to be

I think Obama is going to be a mix of JFK (young and handsome) and FDR (messiah coming to the rescue of the financial crisis). He will no doubt bank on the situation to introduce a new new deal, with universal healthcare being the new social security. Finally he will be assassinated by a white supremacist and will enter the legend. Worth than his political moves will be his political legacy. It will become an icon that no one will dare question, a hundred years from now. McCain will do stupid shit, but at least he'll be hated for it.