Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship

Human Rights Watch has condemned internet censorship, and argued to the US Senate "there is a real danger of a Virtual Curtain dividing the internet, much as the Iron Curtain did during the Cold War, because some governments fear the potential of the internet, (and) want to control it"

Read the Herald Sun story here.

When ideas are weapons too, they must be regulated and eventually confiscated. That is the position of the state it appears. Funny thing is even the great firewall of China cannot stop dedicated individuals from finding ways past the wall.

With open source projects such as TOR and various altruistic groups providing proxies for surfers, bloggers and reporters, I cannot help but laugh when I hear about this. Building a wall simply provides a mountain for the Edmund Hillary types among us, we need not bring down the wall, only climb it.

There is no spoon.

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The fact that a small number of clued up individuals can create a little peephole through the censor's wall is nearly irrelevant. This peephole might be slightly beneficial to the individual who has it but it doesn't solve any political/social problems.
Governments want to control the majority of the population. Their ability to tax and regulate and persecute innocent people, is not affected by having 1% of the population know about their lies. As long as 99% or even 80% are fooled, the propaganda will still work.

Clued up, eh.

Without the peephole, we wouldn't know anything except what the state controlled mass media decides to tell us. I wouldn't call reporting on atrocities irrelevant, let alone nearly irrelevant. Sure knowing isn't fixing, but it is half the battle.

Even with the internet fully uncensored, the zombie-esque masses still ravenously consume the kool-aid. It is far less painful than accepting the truth.

In liberty,

My bet is that the plan

My bet is that the plan won't work. Judging from what I've heard about the filter software they've tested, connection speed will take too hard of a hit or too much mainstream content like stuff on youtube, myspace, etc. will get ham-handedly blocked and they'll have to scrap the filter.

I hope I'm right.


I really hope you can stop this filter from going into effect.

I plan on being in your beautiful country for 6 months next year. I don't want the internet to be too slow for me to video chat with friends in the USA.