Lick this USPS!

Hassling the postal service, the perennial libertarian hobby, has a long and storied history. Perhaps the most celebrated example is Lysander Spooner's private mail company.

In the 1840s, Lysander Spooner, jurist, abolitionist, and bearded anarchist badass, founded the American Letter Mail Company to compete directly with the United States Postal Service monopoly. Unlike other illegal mail carriers, Spooner advertised widely and openly challenged the the Postmaster General to fuck with him. His rates were half that of the USPS and "in a few short months, the private mail companies had engrossed the bulk of the service between Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore." Eventually the Post Office managed to hound Spooner out of business, but not before they were forced to adopt Spooner's rates.

Wendy McElroy tells us more about the postal service hating ways of our individualist anarchist predecessors in an article about the radical stickers sold in the pages of Benjamin Tucker's journal Liberty.

Seeing as the offices of Liberty burned down 100 years ago this year, taking the journal and stickers with it, I decided to make some of these "bits of gummed paper" for my own use. Take that, Postal Service!

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These are the original sticker captions I was able to collect from the article:

Considering what a nuisance the government is, the man who says we cannot get rid of it must be called a confirmed pessimist.

Whatever really useful thing government does for men, they would do for themselves if there was no government.

Government regularly enforces its commands by the threat of violence; and government often commands things which it is ridiculous and outrageous to enforce by such a threat.

At almost every point in history government has been found to be the greatest scandal in the world. Why? And when anything else has been extremely scandalous, this has usually been on account of its association with government. Why?

Don’t enlist in any service where you are liable to be ordered to help kill a man (or men) that you think ought not to be killed.

Where everything is done through the bureaucracy, nothing to which the bureaucracy is really adverse can be done at all.

The institution known as “government” cannot continue to last unless many a man is willing to be government’s agent in committing what he himself regards as as an abominable crime.

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Hum the stickers do not seem

Hum the stickers do not seem to be targeted at the USPS. I like the quotes but I don't really see the point. As for the USPS, fortunately, it's growingly irrelevant.

Should have explained. They

Should have explained. They got in trouble for putting these on letters and mailboxes.

I love it!

I am going to be using some of these in my neighborhood, as well as some MLL tri-folds for peoples cars and doors. Sounds like fun!

Many thanks.

In liberty,
S.E. h