The Callahan Principle

"The Callahan Principle": Whenever someone tells you that "Doing nothing is not an option," you can be damned certain that doing nothing IS an option, and probably a pretty darn good one -- otherwise, why are these folks trying so hard to convince you that it's not one?

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They used to call it...

Minding your own business. Unfortunately the state has always been in the business of minding what everyone is doing, so as best to control them. This applies to non-citizens as well.

Doing nothing is an option in the free-market only. Being that the free-market and government are mutually exclusive, we will see plenty of bleating from the government and the corporations built around its feet that "Doing nothing is not an option". Yes, not an option for them.

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Doing something

Well, I do think we should do something, not nothing. The error here however is a in making this a false dicotomy. There are other choices for the "doing something", including dismantling the FED.

The monster

Members of the state dismantling an oppressive apparatus? Why would they do that?