One less do-gooder in the U.S.

The University of Kentucky's Curry Stone Design prize is a $100,000 payment intended "to honor emerging design ideas that improved the human spirit, increased awareness of the environment or responded to areas of human need." It is a new prize, first awarded yesterday to the South African architectural firm MMA for their innovation in low-income housing projects. Unfortunately, MMA's principal architect Luyanda Mpahlwa, whose other work includes the South African embassy in Berlin, was unable to claim his prize in person. The U.S. government denied him a visa based on his criminal background—he was a political prisoner for his opposition to the apartheid government many years ago, the same government hit with sanctions by the U.S. congress, among many other entities.

You guys resting easier?

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Terrorist Architects!

Having seen the works of dastardly Canadian architect Frank Gehry at my old alma mater, I am quite aware of the ability of architectural terrorism to smash our urban spaces and reduce our former domiciles to dust. Americans must stand fast against terrorist architecture!

Who knows what evil lurks behind the facade of "low-income housing projects"! Probably low-income people, I bet, and everyone knows that they're nothing but terrorists waiting to happen. Send 'em back to foreignistan or wherever it is that they come from.

Do anarchists lose sleep.

I guess you guys lose lots sleep when you learn about anarchist bombers?

Does your sensitivities lead you to believe I loose sleep over airport searches for fingernail clippers? Why would I believe myself responsible for stupid over-reactions.

To show you how little sleep I lose here are some things that crossed my mind but I care so little I didn't even bother checking.

1) Did he win the prize because his work is crap but he's a darling of the left, like all those "award winning poets" who discovered their talents in prison after blowing away some cops.

2)By any chance did his "anti-aparthied activism", "anti-apartheid work", or "opposition to the apartheid government" involve being a member of an organization that felt justified in specifically targeting innocent civilians with murder? Perhaps he was in jail for activism that went beyond proportion.

2) Well according to Ayn Rand this guy is likely to blow up his creations. So maybe he has terrorist tendencies. Ha, ha. ;)

3) If he's anything like Nelson Mandela he's willing to take your rights away if he were to gain control and establish a socialist utopia. Being anti-apartheid really isn't such a big deal position if you are black. A black person really doesn't get kudos for being against the KKK. Doesn't really give a clue as to what he's for. He might just be Louis Farrakan.

4) How is being against completely open immigration got anything to do with a guy visiting for an awards ceremony? It's not like he was going to sneak in and stay without going through the immigration process was he? Was he?

5) I imagine you are thinking that he might be shot on sight at the airport were he to try to sneak in for the ceremony anyway. Which is entirely fantasy on your part. More likely, if caught, he'd be taken away to a back room, investigated, then put on the next flight out.

Then again if he had actually been involved in blowing up some innocent tourists or something then why do you have a problem with him being put in jail? Are you, like, for killing innocents?

6) If this is indeed based on some ridicuolous governmental overreaction, or misinterpretation, then they shouldn't have done that. I don't believe in putting tourists in jail either.

7) What's the governments response to your objections. Do they have a valid reason for keeping him out? If their response doesn't hold up I'll sign your petition. You do have a petition, right?

8) Seeing how he just won all that money I will save my donations for others.

9) You are aware that "do-gooders" have been responsible for most of the misery in the world, right?