Posse comitatus?

I ran across this.

…pardon my French, but what the fuck is going on with this?

Maybe I’m missing something. Could someone with a military background please convincingly explain to me how this isn’t as scary as it sounds? Because it sounds pretty damned scary. Or at least the start of something scary.

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Cant, sorry. We should not

Cant, sorry.

We should not attempt direct action anyway. My brother of filial duty is finishing his recruit training process with another fellow brother of liberty in his training platoon. I fear that they may not return by the time they are needed.

Another brother in liberty of mine is rigged for delayed entry in December. These are mean Marines that take their oath seriously. When they say ALL enemies foreign and domestic, they mean it.

They figure they will need to train the militia's in case of the inevitable. Alas, myself being an adherent of the non-aggression principle, wish they didn't need to do such things but I thank them for their courage regardless.

We can win this, but not through direct action. I recently finished B.H Liddell-Hart's Strategy and long ago read the Sun-Tzu. Indirect conflict is our domain, remember this... the Iraqi resistance is poorly trained, lacks good munitions and live in a massive desert. Yet they manage to harass and molest the largest and most powerful military on Earth. Naturally through indirect conflict.

We can win, lets just pray* they don't/wont fight us.

*I am far from religious, it is just an artifact of linguistics.

In liberty,

S.E. h

"Among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised." - Niccolò Machiavelli

A standing army was no to be trusted and still isn't

The Constitution mandates a national navy, not a national army. The Constitution limited a national army to a two year appropriation. If the various state National Guards are good enough to fight Iraquis and Afgans we should trust them to defend our northern and southerns borders.

Why are the national guards sent over seas while the national standing army is kept at home? I suspect because . . . well, I'm a conspiricist (sp?).