On Avoiding Pirates

Peter Leeson on Google's proposed water-based data centers:

What’s interesting, then, is what Google’s proposal tells us about the kinds of pirates the company sees as posing the greatest threat to its profit. Apparently “political pirates” pose a greater threat to Google’s property than the seafaring kind do. If not, the company wouldn’t be willing to trade an increased chance of plunder by sea bandits for a reduced chance of plunder by government.

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That doesn't make much sense

That doesn't make much sense to me. What would pirates gain from plundering a data center? Leeson mentions stealing the data, but wouldn't it be encrypted? I guess they could steal the hardware, but computer hardware's cheap and getting cheaper, especially by the pound, so as long there are backups, I don't see that as a huge threat either.

Still, to be safe, they should probably man the data centers with ninjas.