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What Would Ayn Rand Have Done?

Can we get some "WWAYD?" bracelets? Please?

Oh, and can we also get a collection plate going around? We have some victims!

Brook doesn't blame speculators, traders or financiers for the market's near-collapse, but instead blames government for having overregulated the markets in the first place. The business leaders bailed out by government this week "are victims," he said, "and the government set it up."

Is Yaron Brook channeling Marion Barry?

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Weird, that one quote you picked is contradictory to every other thing said by the group in the article.

This was rich:

"in one office, a blowup of her postage-stamp image (something Rand probably would have abhorred —government embrace of her work!) — adorns the wall."

Yep, the queen of egoism would have a problem with this.