Since the world is going to end tomorrow...

...what is your biggest regret?


Sure, I could've learned more, worked harder, and tried more new stuff, but my biggest regret is of a personal nature. Despite my underlying skepticism towards pretty much everything, for some reason, I channeled idealism at the exact wrong time. If I had to do it all over again, I'd stick with the utter cynicism befitting life in a soulless, material, scarcity-constrained universe. I'll leave it vague like that cause that's how I roll.

What about you? What is your biggest regret?

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I've heard tell that the LHC

I've heard tell that the LHC is only simulating collisions that occur everday when particules strike the atmosphere. But we all know that's bullshit. Black holes are coming.

I regret not taking more chances--and I regret not having a less cliched regret.

I'm a little bummed at the prospect of spending the rest of eternity condensed into a quark-sized ball with all of you.

I look forward to an

I look forward to an eternity pressed up against Scott, whatever our combined size.

But consider

I snore.

I don't think the world will

I don't think the world will end tomorrow... but it's definitely a good way to get some tonight.

My biggest regret is not realizing how much free time I had in college and making better use of it. That, and foregoing the psychotropic effects of alcohol to lose inhibition.


Crap. And I spent last night paying bills....

I'm actually bothered by this

I slightly regret that I'm actually a little bit bothered by this, even though intellectually I think this is a product of the same sort of knee jerk pessimism that has led people to predict the imminent end of the world for thousands of years. People - and that includes me - are simply inclined to believe that the world is about to end, and we keep rationalizing this. I suppose this is a projection onto the whole world of my awareness of my inevitable eventual personal death. Or, alternatively, it's a product of a natural reluctance to assign extremely small probabilities to remotely possible events - the same cognitive defect which presumably induces people to buy lottery tickets.

We've been colliding particles for a long time now, upping the ante time after time, charging into the unknown. Why get cold feet now? I don't think it's for any especially good reason, for which there weren't close enough parallels before. The main engine of the worry is that it is, after all, unknown, and we tend to fear the unknown. But this has applied many times in the past. The difference now, I think, is mainly that the idea spread, much as those bogus emergency emails used to spread a few years ago (do they still spread? - I haven't got any lately). So the idea spread and it's been planted in our heaeds. We're vulnerable to that sort of mental contagion. We're like Othello, in whose head Iago was able to place a bogus suspicion, which grew until Othello was driven insane with jealousy. Possibly the Internet facilitated the spread of this fear, which would explain why people are worrying now when they didn't worry before.

much as those bogus

much as those bogus emergency emails used to spread a few years ago (do they still spread? - I haven't got any lately)

Yes, they do, more so with my parents' generation than my own. And I notice they are becoming less common even among my parents' generation, as they are gradually introduced to things like, and they begin to learn the telltale signs of a bogus chain email. I think this is mainly just a function of computer literacy and acculturation to new technology; these same kind of emails were around in 1996, when I first started using the Internet, but my circle of friends gradually weeded out the sort of people who perpetuate them.

I have never heard of such

I have never heard of such emails. What's the idea? They foretell the end of the world?

I was thinking of bogus

I was thinking of bogus chain emails in general, which usually contain some ridiculous "call to action", such as boycotting the purchase of gasoline the following day, double checking the backseat of one's car for hidden rapists, or the ubiquitous "send this message to everyone in your address book."


Ah, it's possible I got those but never saw them. It's hard to check my email when I'm hiding in the backseat of someone's car.


Right now, I wish I had studied harder and quit school earlier.

You idiots

First it was the Y2K then it was 6/6/06 and now this bullshit. You Doomsayes need to stop trying to start a scare and get a hobby or better yet a job.

I agree!

You Doomsayes need to stop trying to start a scare

So true. Turns out they're not actually colliding particles at high energy yet. So the world ends, not today, but some time after October 21.

What idiots. Scaring us into thinking that the world will end 41+ days before it will really end.

it is all a never

it is all a never will.but some times in normal life i do feel that what ever im doing has happened to me before and i actually can tell what the next word i will say .my family believes me.


We are writing this in the tiny, tiny, tiny epsilon fraction of parallel universes that were not destroyed by the LHC this morning.

My only regret

is that I didn't take more time off work and blog more often.

Reading the blog of a

Reading the blog of a seemingly regretful medical resident, while I study for my Year II renal exam.

Tricked me.

I followed a new comment to this old post about the world ending. I only read the article and not the date and thought he was talking about the financial crisis. Not until I actually read Constants comment that something started to seem fishy. His comment didn't make sense if this was about the financial crisis.

Love it. Here is a blog

Love it. Here is a blog that talks all about the world's demise.

Very interesting,

Very interesting, thanks.

How is the world going to end?