The terror state is built with many hands

Tyrants are not directly responsible for what goes in under their rule. Certainly they're to blame for setting the terror in motion, but it takes thousands or millions of underlings to really turn a regular country into a terror state. Adolf Hitler did not personally gas and starve millions in the early 1940s, nor did Stalin or Mao personally shoot, starve, and otherwise eradicate tens of millions of people whose interests they were allegedly representing.

Watching videos of police brutality and reading stories of dozens more every week is seriously depressing. U.S. presidents have encouraged the mindset that makes this possible, but the individual police officers who brutalize and kill people are just as much a part of the problem. Lately the blogosphere has been highlighting police brutality at the RNC protests, another fine example of how a great many individual decisions by state henchmen ruin a country. I am sure George Bush, Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, and all the others of the state apparatus--as well as their "private" friends in other state-allied positions--are perfectly fine with what's happening; if they were in the riot gear, they'd be the ones pulling the triggers, tightening the cuffs, and swinging the truncheons. But they're not, and they leave these decisions up to a willing multitude of police departments.

This photo was from a private collection, and the owner labeled it "The Last Jew in Vinnitsa."

That murderer is not Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, or any of the other names you might have heard. That's a young man. As far as I know, he disappears from history after this photograph. Hitler is only indirectly responsible for the kneeling man's murder. That young man is the actual murderer.

We ought to be blaming Bush for the crimes that happen on his watch, just like we should have blamed Clinton, Nixon, and the others before them. But to let the actual agents of terror off the hook is a serious moral error.

It's a tragically flawed example, but it might help to remember that the Irish Revolution was successful largely because the population grew more and more sympathetic to the revolutionaries' aims. But as far as actual strategies, the boycott of the Royal Irish Constabulary was critical. The English-allied police eventually found themselves unable even to buy groceries from ordinary citizens. Enlistment in the RIC plunged to zero in just a few years.

This requires a radical reconsideration of the role of the police to work, I know, and here in the U.S. the police aren't seen as collaborationists with a hostile foreign occupation. But if we remember the Last Jew of Vinnitsa and his killer when we watch the news, the constant stream of police brutality, abuse, and consequence-free killing, we'll be halfway there.

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He's the universal soldier,

He's the universal soldier, and he really is to blame...

Admittedly, it's a low point

Admittedly, it's a low point for even Van Dame.

American Cops Relatively nice to Abusive Hippies

All is relative. See Link


Gitmo worse than Chinese treatment of dissidents

From that link.

And relative to what someone might receive on a daily basis at a place like Gitmo it certainly is not particularly harsh.

He's never been to Gitmo, but every right-thinking person knows that Gitmo makes Chinese prison look like a Sunday picnic. Hell, Gitmo makes the Nazi concentration camps look like a lazy afternoon at the beach.

What are you arguing?

The article supports my comment, but you didn't actually explain why you linked to it.

I agree with you

I was looking for a Wall St Journal article that showed how well most prisoners were treated. Given Koran and a little arrow they can see that points to Mecca and so on. It didn't sound so bad.


Police keeping control

Are you kidding? The only videos I've seen show anarchist protestors interfering with arrests by assaulting police officers. These anarchist protests have in the past been organized riots and vandalism. So the police aren't just pulling their concerns out of thin air.

The anarchist organizers were caught red handed with buckets of urine, bricks, etc.

Hell you can see caltrops in that video. Do you understand the implications of that? These 'protestors' don't give a damn who they injury animal or human.

All I see in Minnesota is the police keeping a bunch of idiots under control. It has very little to do with Bush.

Also the organizers of the

Also the organizers of the peaceful protests have been expressing solidarity with the violent lot. If the protesters themselves see a concern for peace as a partisan matter, it's hard to have much sympathy for them.

Crowd control like this is tricky. What the crowd is waiting for is a spark. Once enough people have already gone off, it's much safer for everyone to jump in once they cease to be individuals acting out violently and become a part of a more anonymous mass acting out violently.

There is certainly a precedent for large scale violence from similar protests involving a lot of the same groups and the police are well aware that in order to keep the crowd from exploding, they've got to come down on the individuals who start to act out and push boundaries. Everyone looking for trouble wants to be a part of the violent mob, none of them want to jump the gun and get arrested acting as an individual and bare the weight of reprisal alone.

I've seen (and that link comes from someone posting footage they think condemns the police's actions) a lot of emotionally charged people, screaming and yelling at cops, and the cops are out numbered. And most of this starts when the police attempt to keep the protesters within the designated protest route, instead of letting them roam wherever they please and shutting down our city. (And why punish the people who work and live in St. Paul? Minnesota as a whole, and especially downtown St. Paul is in no way shape or form Bush country.)

I remember seeing footage of upper class white student protesters at Columbia working themselves into tears while taking turns on a bullhorn. I see that same kind of emotional theater being played out in my neighborhood. The intent of the protesters goes way above and beyond drawing attention to their issues and making their voice heard.


I wonder how many of these are paid activists and how many are members of non-profit organizations with their mouths fused directly to the government teat.

If that were, in fact, the

If that were, in fact, the last Jew, our government wouldn't be considering the invasion of Iran at the behest of Israel, we wouldn't have a double standard in the United Nations whereby Israel is above obeying most of its resolutions, and is ignored or given a slap on the hand when it violates them; we wouldn't have children going to bed hungry in the US while we casually give Israel billions of dollars per year in aid....the list goes on and on and I won't EVEN GET INTO the banking and mortgage crisis, in which millions of Americans are in danger of losing their homes, but harbor no doubt-that was DEFINITELY not the last Jew.

Crazy Antisemite

Dear Crazy Antisemite,

Why do you feel so inferior to Jews, who amount to one fifth of one percent of the worlds population?

Because it's the top fifth

Because it's the top fifth of a percent :p (IAMNAJ)

(No subject)

I always had a lot of respect for that guy

Even with a gun to his head, he looks determined. Even facing death, he keeps his dignity for all of history to see.

Look in the background

As participants in a representative republic, aren't we all supporting decisions made "not in our name"? Does participating in the system, despite your position make you "guilty"? It's not just the guy pulling the trigger. There are alot of people watching him do it.

The people watching him do

The people watching him do it could endanger their lives by stopping him, they have no obligation to help the victim. The guy pulling the trigger has an obligation not to hurt the victim, big difference.

As for the 'representative republic" or "democratic" mythos, no, we are not responsible. The government is a criminal organization. Sometime they hold a popularity contest to decide which part of the organization will hold the reins. Merely influencing this pageant does not constitute approval or complicity of the crimes committed.

I do believe however it is morally preferable to abstain from participating in these.