Andrew Sullivan: Palin now worse than torture

Perhaps though more like "Sully's obsession with Palin now worse than straight-up torture."

Seriously, if there is a example in the dictionary of what "going apeshit" is, its got to include Andrew's wall-to-wall freakout involving Sarah Palin.

On the Dish, according to Google:
5650 pages referring "torture"
5960 pages referring "palin" (479 just since the announcement)

For the love of all that is holy, calm the fvck down Sully. You're an Obama supporter; if all of what you're saying is true, you get your way in November. THe irony to me is that the only justification for freaking out is that you don't believe what you're saying, and that Palin has a very good shot at being VP. Which is it?

I say this out of love, Sully, please get your wits together and chill. You're currently the alternative instapundit. Don't mimic the worst instincts of insty as well as the best ones.

Update (09-04-08): Reason calls Sully out on his Palin hypocrisy.

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Page count on Google

If you actually go and click the last visible Google page (page 10), the thousands transforms into less than 200 (for the Palin link). Something similar happens for the Torture link: a little over 600 links are actually displayed (though the claimed number remains in the thousands).

This might be affected by the "show omitted results", but the omitted results are omitted for a good reason.

Still, the point remains unchanged. It's really unbelievable what has happened to Sullivan over Palin.

For my part I stopped reading Sullivan years ago out of disgust, though sufficiently many other bloggers remain obsessed with Sullivan that I keep learning new things about him.

Google Hits

Yeah—it's obvious that Sullivan hasn't actually written 6,000 posts referencing Palin. Note that there's a post called "The Palin's Privacy" on the "Recent Keepers" list. Also one called "Bush: McCain Wasn't 'Tortured.'" That shows up on every page of his blog. My guess is that the difference has more to do with when which pages have been updated in Google's index than with which he writes about more.

My bad, but yeah, still. If

My bad, but yeah, still. If there was an easier way to document just how insane Sully's gotten on Palin the past weekend, it would still show the ridiculous spike compared to everything else.

For an example of what TO do, see Ezra Klein.


The Volokh Conspiracy has become similarly useless in recent weeks.

Palin Fever - Get Sick With It!

Half Sigma has them both beat.


...particularly disappointing is Sullivan's performance. A blogger who once had bravely and eloquently written about some of the most important and pressing issues in our national and international political life, he is now reduced to incessant speculation about whether little Trig Palin really is Sarah Palin's baby, or whether Governor Palin faked the pregnancy to cover up for the pregnancy of one of her daughters.

I know that passions get excited during the course of a Presidential campaign. But this is as absurd as it is disgusting. There is no reason and no evidence to doubt the identity of Trig Palin's mother and yet, people like Sullivan are attracted to the story like flies are attracted to . . . well, you know. By all rights, people like Sullivan should have no credibility left after this sordid business.

I'm a firm believer in

I'm a firm believer in letting the product determine credibility, and once he gets his wits back together I'm confident he'll start turning out good stuff again. But yeah the whole conspiracy thing was bizarre, and in direct contradiction to his (correct) umbrage at the BS conspiracies the clintonites were flinging at Obama (the "whitey" tape, the forged birth certificate, etc).