In the malaise that is the present political environment, there occurs, every now and then, an event that pushes things closer to the right direction. The DC handgun ban was struck down today. Even more importantly than upholding the second amendment, with this ruling, the Supreme Court relegated to the proper level of hell the ridiculous notion that there are "collective rights" protected in the constitution. Good riddance.

Reading the majority opinion, one gets the impression that Justice Scalia had fun writing it. In fact, he probably wrote it all years ago, stuck it in a drawer, and waited for this gem of a case to pop up.

All in all, a good day for liberty.

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Ruling is still statist garbage.

Yes, the ruling in Heller v. DC was beneficial to the slightest extent... but; it still was composed of unassailable collectivist rubbish handed down to us by the state. Cold scraps from the masters table.

Here is a video exclaiming Larry Pratt's view on the Heller v. DC drama. Courtesy of Jim Rongstad.

But he also (oh I just love that dialectic suffix, but!) said on the AJ show; This is not the end of the issue as far as they are concerned on the court because they spent a fair amount of time, and as you know Alex, discussing whether we should have this or that or the other level of scrutiny. Now level of scrutiny is lawyer talk for how far away from the constitution can we make a ruling before we get run out of town on a rail." - Larry Pratt, Executive Director of the GOA.

I don't need Doctor Paul to tell me Larry is right, I am a card carrying member of the GOA. I already left the NRA. Once Heston left, I was done with them, they compromise more than Lewinski.

Some compromise, others don't.

I may be a bit extremist in that view. The cause of liberty needs more non-violent extremists.