Naturalism, Materialism, and Unanswered Questions

Scott points to an interesting post on naturalist metaphysics and its inability to answer two questions: (1) Why is the world made of this stuff, and not some other stuff? (2) Why is there this stuff and not nothing at all?

I respond in the comments to both threads. The takeaway point, made by commenter Pablo, is:

The link between naturalism and materialism is rather an a posteriori consequence of the fact that the world uncovered by this methodological approach appears to be ultimately made of matter.

This conception of naturalism avoids Barry's critique insofar as this version of naturalism is unable to answer the two questions listed above in exactly the same way that every other system of metaphysics is unable to answer the two questions listed above.

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Also see Micha's and my

Also see Micha's and my discussion in the comments of my post.

I agree with Micha

Based on the comments I saw up till now, Micha has the right conception of what naturalism to the extent he covered in the comments. I added one comment over at Barry's article disputing the idea that god explains anything at all, even if he were metaphysically neccesary.