A recent episode of So You Think You Can Dance reminded me of the relatively unknown style of dance known as "popping". Long before Youtube, a clip of a talent show circulated around the internet the old fashioned way and made David Elsewhere a legend (he's the guy in orange).

You might remember this Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial with a girl in the passenger seat popping to the song "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas.

On one of this season's audition shows for SYTYCD, Robert Muraine entranced the judges with his popping.

The crowd reaction in the clips is interesting. The audience at the Kollaboration talent show went crazy when David Elsewhere got into his routine. Similarly, the judges on SYTYCD went absolutely insane from Muraine's routine. Even these judges who've seen all different types of dancing before were shocked at this combination of rhythm, contortion, self-aggrandizing humor, and what can only be described as "special effects". It takes people by surprise.

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Muraine graciously quit the

Muraine graciously quit the competition as soon as he got to Vegas, immediately realizing that he didn't have what it takes to learn choreography on the spot.

This is not a mark against him; pretty much all the street poppers and B-Boys that have been on the show have done poorly in other styles outside their expertise, significantly worse than when ballroom or contemporary dancers are asked to go outside their comfort zone. This makes sense: poppers and break-dancers usually have no professional training, have never taken a dance class, and are either entirely self-taught or learn from other amateurs. This doesn't translate well into organized choreography.

If I could I would

Wish I could dance like this! have you seen the videos he did for Motorola? he made some awesome vids for the Motorokr, check it out.