Kathy Griffin Self-Referential Comment Thread Spoof Proof

So I'm browsing through the Greatest Hits section of economic anthropologist Grant McCracken's blog and I come across this illuminating post psychoanalyzing/anthropologizing (?) Kathy Griffin's shtick.

The take away is that Griffin is a border shifter, able to play multiple, mutually incompatible roles: simultaneously portraying herself as a no-name, amateur D-list celebrity, and thus getting the crowd to feel like she's "one of us", while at the same time obviously being a celebrity herself, with the authority and "authentic personal knowledge" of celebrity culture that brings. But it's a delicate balancing act, and Griffin is quite good at it.

SO good at it, in fact, that we get the humorous blog happening of a stream of clueless but endearing fan-club Googlers (with a frighteningly disastrous command of the written form, natch) stumbling upon Grant's post and mistaking it for Kathy Griffin's homepage.

Apparently the comedienne's father died, and she talked about this on her show. Some of the fans leave their condolences in McCracken's comment thread, some just leave their praise and adulation, some fans sort of realize that it isn't really Kathy Griffin's homepage so instead criticize McCracken for overanalyzing their hero (and indirectly analyzing them), others wish for (expect?) some personal contact with the down-to-earth diva, while still others offer free HYPNOSIS services (!) as well as a personal demonstration that CAPSLOCK is cruise control for cool.

I guess the HYPNOSIS guy compares to the one and only clip I've ever seen of her Bravo show, in which a flamboyantly, LOUD TALKING, pushy, possibly (probably?)coked-up gay Asian gynecologist offers Griffin a free pap-smear, and won't take no for an answer. One thing I know for sure, if I ever wake up with a vagina one day, this is my go-to-guy for gynecological upkeep.

What better proof of Grant's thesis that Kathy Griffin is adept at navigating multiple worlds, and connecting with her audience on a personal (sometimes too personal) level?

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