Revolutionary Fractal Constitution and Political Theory - What?

An ad that google keeps on putting on my gmail page is for a M C Williams' book on "Revolutionary Fractal Constitution and Political Theory."  I'm extremely skeptical, but my curiosity has been piqued.  Anyone know anything about it? Or care to speculate?  link

The ebook is only $3.50 for anyone who is bit more curious than I.

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Um, this guy is clearly a

Um, this guy is clearly a crank. His ridiculously over-the-top self-promotion on the linked page is evidence enough of crankishness:

With his work, he has left everyone so far behind that he virtually cannot be argued with, only argued about. His esoteric style and literary genius render him nearly impossible to refute, or even pin down entirely, and yet his political theory arises as crisp and precise as an architects' blueprint.


M.C. Williams has become known as a "modern member" of pantheon of classical philosophers. His political theory builds upon Aristotle, his esoteric writing style recollects Plato. His enterprise, to identify justice itself, evokes the platonic philosophical voyage in Plato's Republic. His method and meticulous logical progressions are somehow utterly Greek, his sacrifices on behalf of logic are virtually stoic. Many are confounded by the extremes present in this political philosopher's approach, spectacular flashes of creativity and unorthodoxy, bursting forth from a straightjacket of, some would say archaic, logic and restraint.

Again, what the fuck? Does this guy honestly expect to be taken seriously?

It's one thing for a previously unheard of non-professional to write a book on political philosophy, self-publish it, and expect people to nevertheless suspend their skepticism and hear what he has to say. But not after claiming he is the philisophical equivalent of the second coming of Jesus.