There's no turn for them to wait for

Radley Balko comes around to a theme that I've harped on here quite a bit: the main motivator behind opposing immigration—I mean, "illegal" immigration—appears to me to be racism, and it further appears more and more that my take isn't unique.

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Racism is not a superset of anti-immigrationism

The Sailer position in the post Balko says certainly can be said to be racist. But the general point Balko is making is not race-based:

In any case, if you’re anti-illegal immigration, and don’t support expanding the legal means for Mexicans to come here to do low-skill labor, then it’s pretty hard to argue that you aren’t “anti-immigration.”

That's true, and worth pointing out. But it doesn't follow that those who are anti-immigration are in fact racist. After all, if someone opposes increasing the number of visas given to Australians, he can be fairly said to be anti-immigration, but it's wrong to claim that is racism.

Not that there isn't overlap between those who oppose immigration and those who are racists. But they aren't the same group.