Catallarchy poll finds confusion in polls

Polls keep saying that Americans are fed up with the war, but somehow the most bellicose Republican on the political map is far ahead of the other three guys put together.

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25-30% of the population still approves of the way GWB conducts his business. Those people are all Republicans, and thus they comprise 50-75% of the Republican Party. Probably the most dedicated GOP primary voters are in that group. Over time, it's precisely these people who have proven most impervious to any and all evidence regarding the undesirability of recent wars.

That makes some sense, but I

That makes some sense, but I still don't think it can account for McCain's popularity among the much-touted "independents" I keep hearing about. Huckabee gets the evangelical vote, and those guys are generally pretty solidly behind Bush.

Weighted opinions

Someone offering the opinion that they are "fed up" with the war when asked doesn't tell us how the weigh that particular sentiment among all other issues important to them. Briggman nails the explanation for Republicans, but the above explains why so many allegedly ultra anti-war people on the left don't go for, say, Ron Paul or Kucinich and Gravel months ago.