James Kirchick

In one of the Hit and Run comment threads, I ran across a link to an email attributed to James Kirchick in which he says,

Anyways, I don’t think Ron Paul is a homophobe; I’m just cynical and enjoy getting supporters of political candidates riled up. If you were a Giuliani guy I’d have called him a fascist. But I must say, the Ron Paul supporters are the most enthusiastic of the bunch!

While it doesn't rebuke anything from the TNR "hit piece", it does call into question Kirchick's professionalism.

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I suppose if James

I suppose if James Kirchick's level of personal professionalism was a newsworthy issue (independent of its relevance [which is approximately zero] to rebutting the charges made against Ron Paul), then we might care about his motivations in writing the TNR piece. But since none of us really do care about Kirchick personally, this seems like a big fat non-issue. while the elephant in the room continues to be Ron Paul's own checkered past and questionable motivations.