New Tunes

I get a lot of my new music ideas from TV and commercials. Some recent ones:

"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles - seen on the Rhapsody/TIVO commercial. I like the version with accompaniment better than the a capella version that's also floating out there. The original video isn't available for embedding, so here's a live performance:

"C'mon" by Guster - heard on a commercial for Cypher stents. Though I am a big Guster fan, I didn't remember "C'mon" because I barely gave Ganging up on the Sun a listen, such a departure it was from their original style. I think this is actually the official video for the song:

"The Funeral" by Band of Horses - heard in the Ford Edge commercial. It's the one the backseat passenger mesmerized by the view of hi-rises through the moonroof. It's the best of the three, combining ascendant guitars and powerful vocals with an ethereal vibe. This is the commercial which only broadcasts a small clip of the song:

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Happens all the time

Man, I always hate being bullied by Segway Nazis...

Hey Mark

I sent you an email shortly after 4/16 - it must've been to a prior email address. More recently, my own email address went poof when the old site when down, so I haven't been to re-connect, but I've been meaning to email you.

Hey Jonathan

I'll send an email to the address on your bio. I keep hoping we can do a Catallarchy meetup at VT one day...

Actually - that email was my old one...

...which doesn't work anymore. I sent you an email at the addressed you registered at this site with.

Yeah, we'll have to do a meetup for a VT game.  I know Brian will be up for it, and I suspect a few people who read the blog.