Interesting Phenomenon

On the heels of the big fundraising day, I've noticed that a lot of people I know are declaring themselves Ron Paul supporters. Many of them are not just not libertarian. If anything, they're big government advocates. They justify their support with vague statements like, "He's shifting the landscape" or "The system needs to be shaken up". I don't think they have any idea what Paul actually stands for.

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Take What You Can Get

A dollar's a dollar, and a vote's a vote however poorly informed the donator and/or voter. Maybe there really are some useful idiots after all.

Why the Hell are you all

Why the Hell are you all looking at me?

A dollar's a dollar

Not anymore :-/

Who is Ron Paul?

"I don't think they have any idea what Paul actually stands for."

This is the guy from the reality shows who used to be a porn star, right?

You're thinking of Simon

You're thinking of Simon Cowell.

No, the porn star I meant was straight

In any case, I am excited about the fundraising. This Paul Jeremy guy or whatever can definitely have my vote for $20.


He who wins the stupid vote wins the election.

"Senator Stevenson, you have

"Senator Stevenson, you have the vote of every thinking person!"
"That's not enough, madame, we need a majority."

they know his war stance

I think most people who have heard of Ron Paul know he's anti-war. time will tell if they learn all of his views. with $8M+ this quarter so far he should have the cash to get the word out.