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Against female genital mutilation in Egypt

The men in this poor farming community were seething. A 13-year-old girl was brought to a doctor’s office to have her clitoris removed, a surgery considered necessary here to preserve chastity and honor.

The girl died, but that was not the source of the outrage. After her death, the government shut down the clinic, and that got everyone stirred up.

"They will not stop us," shouted Saad Yehia, a tea shop owner along the main street. "We support circumcision!" he shouted over and over.


As recently as 2005, a government health survey showed that 96 percent of the thousands of married, divorced or widowed women interviewed said they had undergone the procedure — a figure that astounds even many Egyptians. In the language of the survey, "The practice of female circumcision is virtually universal among women of reproductive age in Egypt."

A waste of a perfectly good $128 million if you ask me

Don't tase me, bro! stats

Great post by Coyote on the downside to a la carte cable pricing.  

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The Egyptian mind is

The Egyptian mind is obsessed with the notion that the human genitalia require prunning, like an orchard tree. If a woman has all her pink bits, the story goes, sex will be so thrilling that it would be impossible for her to behave well in the sexual realm. If men have their foreskins, they will never clean under them, of course, and will also find sex so thrilling that they will be beastly with women. Egyptians know perfectly well that Europeans to the north of them leave these tender bits alone, and the life as we know it does not come to an end. But the obsession continues, because those with altered genitalia acquire a strong urge to alter the genitals of the next generation. This is a weird and tragic twist in the backwaters of the human mind.