They're like this everywhere

The Onion is so awesome:

Town Hall Meeting Gives Townspeople Chance To Say Stupid Things In Public

NEW BEDFORD, MA—In a true display of democracy, a town hall meeting
held at the New Bedford High School auditorium Monday gave the crowd of
approximately 550 residents the opportunity to publicly voice every
last one of the inane thoughts and concerns they would normally only
have the chance to utter to themselves.

Though the meeting was ostensibly held to discuss a proposed $21,000
project to replace the high school's grass football field with
synthetic turf, City Councilman Thomas Reed inadvertently opened the
floodgates to a deluge of ill-informed, off-topic diatribes on
inconsequential bullshit when he allowed those in attendance to
demonstrate their God-given gift of language.

The rest. 


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