I blogged the whole thing

Creed from The Office must be the character on television with the highest humor:time on screen ratio. He usually only makes a brief appearance saying only a few words per episode, but he always hits a home run. A collection of Creed clips:

One clip not shown in the montage above was the one in which he revealed he has a blog.

NBC has a Creed Thoughts blog on its website. Among other things, it includes the blog entry about the 3rd season Jam beach incident.

Today in my office where I work as Director of Quality Assurance, we went to the beach for some reason that was never adequately explained. When we were there, our manager told us to eat hot coals. I thought that was a little bit untoward so I ate a fish. Then a woman I have literally never seen before in my entire life started talking very loudly about something involving Halpert. She was agitated, I’d say. From what I could guess, she was definitely on drugs of some kind, perhaps cocaine, or maybe ‘drines. Also, she is a knock-out. She reminds me of a young Daphne Du Maurier. Also, I stupidly ate the fishbones. I told myself “never again” after the last time, but then you turn around, and bam, they’re in my mouth. I also ate 55 hot dogs in 15 minutes, which is a world record.

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