Ron Paul is no true scotsman

via Instapundit comes this list of why Ron Paul isn't libertarian enough. This seems like fun.

  • A long time ago, Ron Paul aggressed against an innocent party by sneezing on him and giving him a cold. Further, he did not provide restitution.
  • Once, when buying a gift, Ron Paul made an interpersonal utility comparison.
  • Ron Paul thinks L. Neil Smith's writing blows chunks. Actually, that's me. Nevermind.
  • Though not yet to their level of awesomeness, Ron Paul idolizes Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris, both agents of the welfare-warfare state.
  • Ron Paul lost his decoder ring.
  • Despite being a free banking advocate, Ron Paul's deposits are FDIC insured.
  • Ron Paul thinks they hate us because they're a bunch of assholes.

Any more?


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Ron Paul will throw me out of the country if he is elected and put me on a 10 year waiting list to get a visa. I will have to move and will lose my job.

Oh wait, that's not funny.

Shameless ploy for traffic

Geez, the things bloggers will do for attention... :-)


Oh wait, that's not funny.

As a SoCal resident, yeah it sure as shit is. Fix Mexico fuckwad, instead of breaking a few hundred of our laws every subsidized second you spend here.

America is about being honest, not cheating. Via con dios, baby.


Arthur's from France. Bet you feel stupid.

I see your name is "Ellis

I see your name is "Ellis Wyatt", are you an objectivist ? Would you think Ayn "fuckwad" Rand should have been deported back to USSR because, after all, it was hers to fix, wasn't it... I am not from Mexico, I work in finance and pay a lot of taxes including taxes on social security - that I won't ever see again - to subsidize your ass when you're old. America used to be about freedom, you seem to replace that with a poorly define positive-law honesty. I am not agressing anyone by staying here, my employer voluntarily hired me, and my landlord voluntarily hosts me, that's honesty. Dishonesty is about Ron Paul coming in and breaking this lovely and productive agreement.

In the (almost) words of

In the (almost) words of Bryan Caplan:

Are immigrants stealing jobs, our sucking down welfare ? Which is it ?

I'm the job stealer kind, I

I'm the job stealing kind, I make the wages go down and the rents go up, but above all, I cook burritos at home at odd hours.

Ron Paul wants closed

Ron Paul wants closed borders.

He is a flip flopper on the

He is a flip flopper on the death penalty.
He is dishonest about his views on abortion. I don't think he is always against it but he pretends to be consistently pro-life.
He defends people like Bill Gates who are misusing patent-law to prevent free competition.
He is not in a hurry getting rid off social security.
He is against free immigration.
He is for more border control and building a bigger fence
He wants a gold-standard.
His economic views are based on the Austrians who represent only a certain flavor of libertarianism and in my personal opinion a pretty dogmatic one, but he is not an anarchist.
He idolizes the American founders too much.
He believes in democracy.

ron paul stands for

ron paul stands for individual responsibility, something that we quit giving obeisance to decades ago. if every man is held responsible for his own decisions good or bad we wouldn't need big government at all. we wouldn't need to subsidize those who chose poorly.this works because the producing people are being productive and accumulating for the fuure instead of being tapped out all the time by non-producers.they have more liberty to spend on charity or themselves as they see fit but motivated by the good feeling of reward that an honest days work and an honest days pay yields. non producers are encouraged to get in on this.