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Eric H, one of the best bloggers around, on "The Black Book of Capitalism".

British patients told to stop smoking or their surgery will be refused.

Ron Paul on The Daily Show:

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Ron Paul

Ok, so I'm going to pimp a link here, but I think you guys might like it:

Che Ron Paul: Vive la constitucion!

Would like any feedback you might have. If you want the graphic in some other format, I'd be happy to oblige.


You are too kind. Yet, no link there? -------->

They should tell them to stop smoking. In their case, it would literally be a waste of public resources. Of course, you may run into the same thing here (surgeons who refuse to do work until the patient loses weight, stops smoking, etc.). But then, here you might be able to find a competitor to do the job without the behavioral requirements. If you can afford him.

Ron Paul did an excellent job. He seems to have left the tin foil hat in the dressing room.