Family Guy Teaches Regulatory Capture, Giuliani-style Fear Mongering

In what is arguably the most libertarian, anti-democracy (in a good way!) episode of Family Guy to date, May 13's "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One demonstrates not only a keen understanding of public choice theory and the inevitable corruptive influence of political power on even well-intentioned do-gooders, but also eerily predicts the outcome of the Ron Paul/Rudy Giuliani exchange, which would take place two days later. Here are some choice clips:

(Embedded video html isn't working at the moment so I'll have to make due with text links.)

Lois's Mayoral Speech "9-11"
Legion of Doom
Mayor West Shoots People

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Hum I stopped watching

Hum I stopped watching Family guy after seeing the episode "Hell comes to Quahog" which was outrageously socialist. I may give a shot to that episode.