Good thing God is a yankee

Today is the National Day of Prayer. Because I'm a fairly big-tent libertarian I won't give my own personal spiel about religion. But something a co-worker told me today bothered me extra.

Another co-worker is about to get shipped to Iraq, so co-worker #1 asked for a picture of him. She explained that her church keeps a wall full of pictures of soldiers to pray for. On her own terms, this is nice enough. The soldier is a genuinely nice guy, and I wouldn't like to see him come to harm.

But what about praying for the Iraqis? According to Iraq Body Count, between 62,770 and 68,796 Iraqi civilians have been killed by military intervention in Iraq at the time of this writing, and I'm sure the indirect number is vastly higher.

I don't think her prayers will influence any events in Iraq. But I'd like to see her extend moral consideration to the people over there. Just because she knows this particular American guy doesn't make him any more special.

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Just because you know that

Just because you know that particular mom, doesn't make her special...........
Say what?
Is there anything such as the universalist's fallacy?

We love people close to us more

That is simply how we are.

If God's a Yankee, why were

If God's a Yankee, why were they whupped by the Red Sox?

Seriously though, I've always thought the point of prayer was to be instrumental for the pray-er, not necessarily for the pray-ee, as prayer is essentially inviting God into your life at that moment, independent of what you are praying for- you 'voice' your intention and then let His will be done. Just as the sabbath is made for man and not man for the sabbath, likewise for prayer and most other aspects of religion given from God to the people.

Even God doesn't do everything

When somebody does something, why take them to task for not doing everything?

Sure, praying for the Iraqi's would be good. So would praying for the people dying in Darfur and a kid that got hit by a car in Topeka. Should she be criticized for not having them on the list, too?

"When somebody does

"When somebody does something, why take them to task for not doing everything?"

Prayer is Personal and if someone were to ahve to sit down and pray for everything, they'd do nothing but prayer, eat, and use the bathroom. There is just too much bad crap going on in the world for one person to pray for everything. If everyone prayers for something, then by sheer numbers, somebody is bound to pray for everything...