Split feeds

Feed for the front page, i.e., "Catallarchy":


Feed for community aggregator:


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Not quite working yet...

Here's what my aggregator (Sage for Firefox) shows at 8:00 4 May:

1. Split feeds
2. Reefer Madness?
3. More X-Play Clips
10. Slander, libel, free speech and duels

1. Will immigration lead to smaller government?
2. e-gold indicted for enabling fraud etc.
3. Caricaturing libertarian arguments
15. I'm an achiever

I'm not complaining--just wanted to make sure that
(A) you knew about it and had it somewhere on the list to fix, and
(B) anyone else who used a feed aggregator would find out that there's a lot of new stuff on the home page.

By the way, I'm excited about the new format! I hope to blog about why when I get the chance...