Supreme Court to detainees: suckers!

Any libertarians pinning their hopes on the rationality of the Supreme Court to defend us from congressional and presidential tyranny should think again:

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear the case of two Guantanamo Bay prisoners who want to challenge the legality of military commissions.

Here's the best part:

Lawyers for Hamdan and Khadr had been seeking to challenge the new system, saying it is identical in most respects to the old one the court rejected a year ago. Coerced testimony is allowed, lawyers for the two men said in a filing asking the court to take the case.

In its 2006 decision, the Supreme Court said Hamdan could invoke rights secured by the Geneva Conventions. Yet the new Military Commissions Act states that no one subject to such trials "may invoke Geneva Conventions as a source of rights," lawyers for Hamdan and Khadr noted in court papers

Thanks, Supreme Court, for staying on top of all this war on terror madness.

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