The Distributed Republic

Welcome to The Distributed Republic! This is a blog community site created by the Catallarchy blog members to take things in a new direction after nearly four years in the 'sphere. We've always been proud of the civil and thoughtful comments sections on the blog. Some of the best content on Catallarchy, unfortunately, has been relegated to these comments sections, and few people click on the "comments" link. We want to have all of you intelligent readers blog on our site. We also want to reach out to a broader audience, to engage people of different viewpoints, especially those who disagree with us.

When I broached the idea to various people, the most common feedback I received was along the lines of not ruining a good thing. Why change? Why leave behind something that so many people like? Good point. So we've decided to keep the front page essentially unchanged. The original Catallarchy contributors will post on the front page here.

Yet, we also want to highlight the good stuff from commenters and engage people who disagree with us. So the "community" link at the top right of the page is where the reader blogs will be aggregated. There is no particular philosophical requirement for blogging here. Right now, the administrators will be able to promote any post to the front page that we think deserves more attention. In the future, a reader-based voting system will be created to promote posts. We hope to strike the appropriate delicate balance between keeping the old and incorporating new content.

The content management system we're now using allows the content to be displayed and configured in any which way we please. I have some ideas for specific "subblogs" for the future based on issues or content. I'm open to your ideas, too.

This is a work in progress. Please be patient with kinks that need to be worked out.

So, if you want your voice heard, if you want to tell us how we're wrong, or if you simply like us and want to help us take things in this new direction, register at the right sidebar and start blogging! Tell all your friends about it. Spread the word. Update your blogrolls and feeds.

Feedback/ideas can be sent to jwilde - at - catallarchy, though a better way might be to post feedback at your own newly created blogs.

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