I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is...

Boris Yeltsin is dead. Though his historical significance may be great, I'll leave the obituary to the Economist because post-Communist Russia is quite the mystery to me.

Thankfully that's not the only bit of interesting news today. Pat Tillman's brother Kevin and Jessica Lynch both testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform this morning. Each explicitly said that the military and the administration lied about the stories in question.

Former Pvt. Jessica Lynch leveled similar criticism today at the hearing about the initial accounts given by the Army of her capture in Iraq. Ms. Lynch was rescued from an Iraqi hospital in dramatic fashion by American troops after she suffered serious injuries and was captured in an ambush of her truck convoy in March 2003.

In her testimony this morning, she said she did not understand why the Army put out a story that she went down firing at the enemy.

“I’m confused why they lied,” she said.


Mr. Tillman’s tone was more bitter than Ms. Lynch’s. He described the early accounts of his brother’s death as “deliberate and calculated lies” and “deliberate acts of deceit,” rather than the result of confusion or innocent error.

War is not only the health of the state, war is the essence of the state. Government is not benevolence, it is cruelty and deceit. Of course the military brass and the administration would lie: they benefit by having their actions concealed.

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