Beyond the Diamond Age

Earlier this year I tried reading Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age. I say tried because it sucked royally. Stephenson forgot one of Gene Roddenberry's cardinal rules for writing good science fiction: sci-fi is about people, so write about people. Don't get caught up in "The Wonder of It All," whether that be nature or technology. (Producers of shows make up guides for potential writers to base their work on. Character sketches, basic ideas, dos-and-don'ts, etc. The guide for a show is referred to as its "Bible," and the Star Trek Bible is excellent for hardcore Trekkies. Just in case you were wondering.)

This was a big letdown because I'd heard so much praise for both the libertarian component of Stephenson's writing and its overall quality. This troubles me because we libertarians don't make our presence felt as much in literature and the arts as much as we should. But I am not much of a fiction reader, so perhaps we're already there and I just don't know about it. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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