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Ruben Navarrette Jr. on the myth that native-born Americans would eagerly and gladly do the jobs being done by illegal immigrants if only wages were higher:

There are actually people out there who like to believe that there's some magical hourly or daily wage that an employer could offer at which a slew of Americans would leave their desk jobs and line up for a chance to do some of the hardest, dirtiest and crummiest jobs our society has to offer...

One employer told me that, when she hired the native-born, she got a barrage of questions: “How much does this job pay? What are the benefits? How much vacation time do I get?” But when she hired immigrants, some of whom may have been illegal, she got only one question: “How much work can you give me?” Now, which one would you rather have working for you?

When you are simultaneously accused of being too conservative and too liberal, you know you are on the right track. And any American Jew who has spent even the slightest amount of time debating the merits of Israel in light of the Palestinian conflict should be intimately familar with this dismissal:

Once they realize that I'm Hispanic, they unfairly leap to the conclusion that I support open borders and condone illegal immigration so that -- as one reader put it -- I can bring in "more of (my) relatives." Another reader said it was obvious that "you support the Mexican invasion because you're Mexican."

Republicans are hypocrites when it comes to immigration?

A posse of Republican lawmakers who, when opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants, like to talk about how rules must be followed and how we shouldn't reward lawbreakers. They're now demanding that a pair of convicted felons be rewarded with a presidential pardon.

Democrats aren't likely any better?

With Republicans in charge, you had their benefactors in the business community pushing hard for legalization in the hopes that it might provide additional workers. Democrats' benefactors are in organized labor, which has -- in the last decade or so -- come around to supporting legalization but not if it's tied to a guest worker program, which might be the only way that Republicans would sign on.

Far from "stealing" Social Security and other government welfare benefits from native born Americans, illegal immigrants are the real victims of theft here:

[T]here is no law prohibiting illegal immigrants with bogus Social Security numbers from paying into the system, something they and their employers do to the tune of more than $7 billion per year in payroll taxes.

That's money the illegal immigrants will never see again, and it has for years helped to keep the entitlement program afloat. So Social Security lives off ill-gotten goods -- the stolen taxes of millions of people, and the assumption that they'll never be claimed.

Of course, saying Social Security lives off ill-gotten goods is as redundant as using the word "stolen" to describe "taxes," but hey, beggers can't be choosers. It's not every day I get to see a mainstream opinion writer who correctly identifies Social Security as an intergenerational shakedown in the same article pointing out that nativist arguments are full of shit.

More like this please.

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