Crazy Just Like Me

I think you're crazy...
I think you're crazy...
I think you're crazy...
Just like me.

--- Gnarls Barkley

NASA is going to review its psychological screening procedures.

Below, Brad Warbiany of The Liberty Papers comments,

I don’t get all the uproar… I mean, if this stuff all actually happened on a mission in space, then it’d be news… It would be like an episode of “The Real World: Shuttle Discovery". That’d be pretty sweet, as news stories go.

But that all this stuff happened on the ground? OMG, you mean astronauts are, like, regular people and stuff?! That can’t be! Next thing you know, priests will be molesting kids, politicians will start lying to the public, and cops will start abusing authority?! What is the world coming to?!

This brings up an interesting aspect of the story. Assuming that existing NASA screening procedures filter out anyone with any glaring psychological problems or history, is Lisa Nowak---

a) crazy? If so, maybe NASA does need to improve its screening process.
b) not crazy, but someone who just "snapped" given the circumstances? If so, then nothing NASA does will make a difference.

I think it's most likely that answer is b. What she did is comparable in spirit, if not letter, to what most of us have done at one time or another in our lives, and what many a jilted lover has done throughout history. There's a little psycho in all of us just waiting for the right moment to take over. Feed him the right amount of anguish, preferably of the romantic flavor, and he'll make even the most prudish of boy scouts appear as a frenzied beast.

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