Lieutenant about to be judged by the same group accusing him

First lieutenant Ehren Watada is facing a court martial for refusing to deploy to Iraq. He opposes the Iraq war saying that it is "morally wrong and a breach of American law" according to CBS News. The Army is charging him with one count of missing movement and two counts of conduct unbecoming an officer. Army prosecutor Dan Kuecker said "He betrayed his fellow soldiers who are now serving in Iraq."

I have to say this first: if you don't want to invade someplace, don't join the Army. Plenty of guys were happy when they were getting paid by the DoD and getting health benefits, but now that they have to take part in the invasion they're on the high horse. Enlisting means you accept the risk of being deployed on a mission you don't agree with. If the war is conducted in breach of legal standards—well, that's not part of the contract. You go. The higher-ups decide that part.

That said, the court martial is a cruel injustice by nature. The Army (or other branch) accuses you of violating its code of conduct, and it—conveniently—appoints the judge! Even when it supplies a lawyer, it is now The Army's Collective Self against you and your token counsel. Guess which one of those the judge is part of?

Feel free to ponder how this is so different from the ordinary State vs. some schmuck system.

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