Decentralized knowledge vs. central planning, round 64568431

Behind every "great" (yet evil) man there is a formidable set of yes-men, apologists, and plain thugs to swing the club at the rest of us when we don't goosestep high enough.

Enter Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. On Wednesday he told the toadies at AEI that

federal judges are not "equipped to make decisions about" actions the president takes in the name of preserving national security.

"A judge will never be in the position to know what is in the national security interest of the country," Gonzales said.

The president will never be in a position to know what I want to do with my own life. In case he reads (can read) Catallarchy, I'll state that my goals for my life and his goals for my life are not the same. Mine don't involve living in constant fear of bogeymen, or directing billions of dollars and tens of thousands of henchmen to destroy the good parts about the United States that years of Prohibition and neo-mercantilism haven't already destroyed.

I realize a judge probably doesn't know this either, but I have good reason to believe that a federal judge who challenges the head of the state to stick to the state's own laws hits closer to the mark than anybody in the ruling regime.

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