Hindus opppose swastika ban

Hindu groups are protesting a proposed EU-wide ban on the display of swastikas.

Hindu groups in Holland, Belgium and Italy were also involved in the campaign, he said.

"The swastika has been around for 5,000 years as a symbol of peace," he said. "This is exactly the opposite of how it was used by Hitler."

He said that while the Nazi implications of the symbol should be condemned, people should respect the Hindu use of the swastika.

"Just because Hitler misused the symbol, abused it and used it to propagate a reign of terror and racism and discrimination, it does not mean that its peaceful use should be banned."

This proposed ban seems to me to typify the European approach to sensitive topics: just get rid of them. People don't have the capacity to make appropriate judgments about dangerous ideas. Personal responsibility doesn't exist.

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