I\'m Person of the Year! (its about time)


From Reason online:

When Time announced its latest "Person of the Year" as "You. Yes You," the nosferatu newsweekly wasn't simply signaling its editorial exhaustion (it does that several times a year by running stories about whether the dinosaurs believed in God and how to follow the Virgin Mary Holy Water Diet); annual lack of imagination (it does that routinely by naming sociological groups Person of the Year, including "The Middle Americans" and "Twenty-Five and Under"); and desperate need to flatter a dwindling number of subscribers (Time's current circulation of about 4 million is down roughly 15 percent from 1988).

It was also a call to arms to all of Us--Yes, Us--to pick our own Person of the Year. In response to Time's lackluster gesture, Reason has asked its staff and other journalists, pundits, policy wonks, and the like to name someone--or some group or some thing--particularly worthy of our attention, adulation, and/or our opprobrium.

You know after reading some of their picks and thinking a lot about it. It is getting tough to pick a person of the year. If I had to pick someone from cable TV it would be Jon Stewart. From the blogosphere Radley Balko, from political land I'm not in favor of picking people for their notoriety so the president is definitely out. Overall I think I would go with Burt Rutan even though the SpaceShipOne thing is old news at this point. Lindberg got man of the year back in the day (in fact he was the first to ever receive the distinction), and I don't think they (time magazine) gave Mr. Rutan his due back in 2004 when they went with president Bush for the second time. Though I doubt he really cares what Time magazine thinks. Still getting to Space on your own brains and money (a.k.a. sans government funding) ought to count for something.

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