The American Academy of Nannyism

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids today see too much advertising in general, and specifically too many advertisements for things that promote fun, such as e.d. drugs and alcohol. Consider this absurd statement:

"We'd like to see more birth control ads," Strasburger said, "and less ads for erectile dysfunction drugs because it makes sex seem like a recreational activity."

First, I'd like to know when sex stopped being a recreational activity. One of the distinguishing characteristics of higher mammals is that they have sex for recreation.

Second, the use of birth control indicates that sex is for recreation, which makes this statement complete nonsense.

The broader point of the article is that Our Children, The Future are being swept up in a wave of advertising that they are helpless to resist. Nevermind the fact that I saw plenty of ads for things I never got or considered essential and still have my head on reasonably tightly. Nevermind the fact that their parents get to veto any and all purchases by being the bankroll for them. Oh, and nevermind the fact that people have been drinking, smoking, and screwing for a long time before they ever saw any of these pleasures advertised.

I resent what groups like this are aiming at, which is a world sanitized for children. Forget the children. It's an adult world, and they'll have to get used to it. Parents are there to decrementally filter the world and let the children take in only as much as they can handle; the beauty of that system, as opposed to the totalitarian system which censors media even for adults, is that my neighbors can't prevent me from buying an album or seeing a movie that's only suitable for adults.

Because hey, busybodies, I'm an adult! I was done with Sesame Street a long time ago. I find Jack Daniel's company pretty enjoyable these days, and some day your kids might too!

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