Time to Disenfranchise Mothers?

Or maybe all parents. First they pass Prop 83 and now MADD is pushing .05, at least in Canada. It seems like parents are willing to spend billions of other people's money and ruin harmless people's lives for a 0.001% reduction in their children's risk of death. It's like when you accidentally get between a cow and a calf. And unfortunately life consists of a path with cows on one side and calves on the other.

So here's my proposal: from the time of first pregnancy until all one's children turn 18, no voting for either parent. Or at least let's ban laws named after children. This has gone far enough. I really don't want to have to start shooting parents in self defense.

While we already know that voters aren't rational, it appears to me that parents, particularly mothers, are downright irrational when it comes to using politics to protect their children.

Update: Just stumbled across this year old article by Radley Balko criticizing MADD. The conclusion: MADD has outlived its usefulness and is now a festering sore on the ass of society. And of course let's not forget the "Million Mom March," though last time it was more like the "Hundred Mom March."

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