Quick hits for lunchtime

Via Cafe Hayek, a great quote from George Will that underscores just how little money is in politics (and IMO how obscenely unnecessary McCain-Feingold was):

About $2.6 billion was spent on the 468 House and Senate races. (Scandalized? Don't be. Americans spend that much on chocolate every two months .)

Radley Balko (Linebacker, recently traded to Reason) notes who does and does not get it among the Republicans[1], warning that the Republicans lost because they governed like Democrats and thus to avoid the temptations of continuing down that road; his teammate Julian Sanchez piles on by noting that a finely split congress is theoretically just as likely to collapse into logrolling as it is to crystallize into gridlock.

Greg Mankiw has a pithy conclusion for sick people given the (perceived) intentions of our new Donk overlords:

My interpretation: The Dems will likely give us lower drug prices and less research into new drugs. Good news if you plan to be sick soon. Bad news if you plan to be sick in the more distant future.

And to answer John Quiggin's question, aggregated vote tallies by party for the House *and* the Senate can be found via the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

(explanation below)

fn1. Link unavailable at the moment, will fetch it this afternoon.

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