It is everyone\'s civic duty to bamboozle the ignorant

One of the actually pathetic things I saw on election day was a particular bit of whining from The Washington Monthly's election blog- that a pro-Steele activist had printed up some 'sample ballots' that suggested Steele and Ehrlich were Democrats.

Kristin Awsumb-Liu was also on scene. A volunteer supporting O'Malley, she was convinced the pamphlets could have an impact. "People don't know necessarily who the candidates are. I'd hand them the O'Malley literature, and they'd say, 'Oh, is he the Democrat?' And when I say yes, they say, 'Oh, OK, I'll vote for him.' But if someone hands them literature that says Ehrlich's the Democrat, then who knows?"

Kevin Drum immediately chimed in as well to call it 'pathetic'.

Sadly, no.

Anyone who is so lazy and ignorant that they cannot be bothered to learn who the actual Democratic candidates are should not be voting in the first place. What is pathetic is the thought that its ok for bewildered tribesmen of the blue to bleat and wander into the polling booth and by reflex action pull the D lever for whomever. That's in fact a mockery of everything that democracy is supposed to stand for (citizens self-governing themselves). If anything the guy was doing his civic duty in confusing the ignorant.

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