The status pie

David Friedman has a characteristically brilliant post on his blog about the economics of status.

While the way the market divvies up the wealth pie does not have to be zero-sum, people still think that status has to be zero-sum. After all, if I'm the alpha male that means you aren't.

But no. Despite the fact that I bathe in champagne, fly to work in a private jet, and rock out with David Bowie once a month or so, here on the blog I'm just a regular schnook like unto yourselves. While Scott is at the bottom of the Catallarchy pile, in his chosen hobby (mens' synchronized swimming) he's a really big deal.

In other words, there's not one objective scale on which everybody's status is charted. Sure we can rank people by incomes, but there are so many ways that matter to people much more than that.

Anyway now that it's Wednesday night I'd better start getting ready to go to my local watering hole, where I'm treated like a king, and where I can forget about my idiot boss.

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